Choosing Between an Outdoor Pool and a Hot Tub

Most of the homeowners find it hard to choose between installing a pool and a hot tub. While it can be great to have both in your backyard, often budget and space won’t allow for it. Therefore, it trickles down to personal tastes and preferences. Here, we are going to analyze the pros and cons of both the hot tub and pool to enable you to make an informed choice.

The Pros of Having an Outdoor Pool

Nothing beats the feeling of dipping oneself in the refreshingly cold water on a hot day in your compound. The feeling is much better than resting under an umbrella or even in ice water. Even more, kids love pools. Therefore, outdoor pools can provide an ultimate experience with family and friends. It keeps the family entertained throughout the summer. The best thing with pools is that they are big. So, you can float around with inflatable chairs as you tell stories and sip a cold drink to soothe your nerves. Outdoor pools have both the shallow and the deep end. You can quickly teach your children how to swim and water safety on the shallow end. Outdoor pools provide an excellent tool for workouts. It is more fun and exciting to work out as you splash water around your gym pool. Swimming exercises can help in burning excess fat and also easing the symptoms of certain diseases such as arthritis and fibromyalgia.

The Cons of an Outdoor Pool

Outdoor pools are usually large, and they, therefore, take up substantial space in the backyard leaving little or no space for other outdoor activities. Where space isn’t a problem, probably, the cost is. A standard outdoor pool can cost a homeowner up to $20,000 when additional features such as a waterfall, diving board, and other customizations are factored in. Another setback of outdoor pools is that they require a lot of maintenance. Keeping your outdoor pool clean and functioning properly can be expensive and time-consuming. If you can’t do the maintenance by yourself, you will need to hire a professional, which makes it even more expensive.

The Pros of Installing an Outdoor Hot Tub

An outdoor hot tub offers immense benefits to a homeowner. The therapeutic hydrotherapy massages relieve pain, improves blood circulation and also relieves joint pain. An outdoor hot tub can provide great relief to individuals with sleep problems. The soothing soak in the warm and bubbly water provides a calming effect for your mental and physical wellbeing. Unlike pools, hot tubs require little maintenance provided that you buy a quality model such as the ones supplied by hot tub blaine mn. You can save money by purchasing the self-cleaning models or the energy efficient models. Regardless of the size of your backyard, there will always be space for an outdoor hot tub. Hot tubs come in diverse shapes and sizes. You can have a two-seater hot tub for romantic moments or ten-seater for family and friends.

Cons of Installing an Outdoor Hot Tub

The water in a hot tub can favor the growth of molds and algae. But you can easily get rid of them by cleaning and treating the water with disinfectants. Not all people like the way that the chemicals and disinfectants impact the experience in the water. Regular cleaning of the water, or regularly changing the water can be good solutions to these issues.