Adding Security AND Style to Your Home

One of the first things a person looks for when buying a new home is if the home sits in a fairly safe community. Even with recent statistics and local reviews, there’s nothing saying that someone won’t come by and break into your house. Regardless of where you decide to live, you want to make sure that your house and your belongings remain safe. Roller shutters provide an extra means of precaution when protecting your house and also add stylistic variety to your home.

What is a roller shutter?

Typically made of metal, steel, and aluminum, roller shutters are a type of shutter that is made out of horizontal slates that rise and lower over your windows and doors. This offers a shield of protection for your doors and windows. There are no limits to the sizes and colors that roller shutters adelaide may come in and they are made to fit every type of household. There are two main types: electric and manual. The difference lies in the means of operation. Manual roller shutters can be operated using a system of cranks and winders while electric shutters contain a motor within the rollers and can be operated automatically using an automatic system.

What do roller shutters provide for your home?

It’s already a given that roller shutters add protection to your home. Because of how fitted these shutters are to your windows, it’s hard for burglars to get them open or off. Along with this, there are several other services that roller shutters provide for you and your family
-Sun protection: The benefit of adding shutters externally to your windows is that it creates an insulated air pocket between your window and the shutters. This insulation reduces the effects of the Australian summer heat and retains warmth when it starts to get cold out.
– Weather protection: If bad weather, for example; hail, occurs, roller shutters can serve as a strong barrier between the glass of your window and big, falling pieces of ice. In the case that the there is stormy weather, the shutters will prevent branches and other flying objects from penetrating the glass. Plus, they don’t rattle during strong winds.
– Energy-saving: Roller shutters reduce the cost of high power bills. Because of the insulation they provide, the need to fiddle with A/C and heating is lowered thus, bringing down the cost of electricity bills.
– Noise reduction: Roller shutters can drastically reduce the noise coming from outside.

There are three types of roller shutters that can be either electrical or manual: built-in, built-on, and integrated. Built-in roller shutters mean that the roller shutter box is planted inside on top of window or door. Roller shutters that are built-on mean that the shutters box is placed on the exterior of the window. Lastly, integrated rollers mean that the shutters and the window are combined instead of being two separate things. This allows the window and shutters to act as one unit.